Hello world!

Hi and welcome to my blog.  I’ll be posting my latest creation, say a little about it, and what inspire me to do.  I hope you come on over, take a break with your favorite beverage and see what I have created for the day.

Let me tell you about myself. I always thought I wasn’t creative but in college I took an art class I love it but it wasn’t what I want to do. So I fell off course and I learn to crochet for a while but again it felt like this is not what I really what it to do. Then my mom was moving and told me I still had some stuff I left behind. When I saw what they were I realize, “hey, I am an artist. I was always creating something like decorating my journal covers, painting, and crocheting.”

This year I took an mixed media class I enjoy it and it was exciting. This start me off on my adventure in my freedom expression art. Later, I took another class in recycle art. Since I’m always in a budge with my art supply and I thought, “Oh, this would be good for my budge.” It open the door to my creative juices. It was like everything was flowing, my heart pounding and excitement all around me. I started to create, create and create.  Then I thought, “hey, won’t it be cool to have others see my work and share it with other artists and crafters on the web community.”  I always looking at other blogs why not start one and here I am.

I hope you stop in and enjoy my work of art!

3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hi,
    I love this site. Please post more of your art work. I am your biggest fan (hope that doesn’t sound too staklish)

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