Creativity #1 ~ Journal Art Book

So here is my first post. It is of a handmade journal (cover blue side and back pink side) that I made. While taking a classes in making journals and recycle remix, I decide to make a journal out of advertisement paper and cereal box. I painted over the pages and put it together. It looks amateur at best but I love to writing in it when I get inspire.


I almost look at it everyday because I can’t help to marble at it. When I first started to do it, I told myself, “I must look outside the box and color outside of the lines.” I give myself permission to make mistake and remind myself nothing is perfect.  (Pages)

Someone told me it look like a wizard book because the pages wasn’t the same sides, lol. So I hope I inspire someone out there who want to try to make a journal and is afraid that it won’t come out right.  Oh, before I forget I am making two more books and I can’t wait to see how they turn out.  It is taking time but hopefully I’ll show you soon.


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