Creativity #2 ~ Cardboard Art

Yay, its the weekend.   It is time to take out my art supplies and get creative.  So when I get inspire,  I’ll get my notebook or scrap of paper and write or draw whatever  ideas comes to mind.   It doesn’t always come out to what I imagine it to be but I love to be able to do something I have in mind and create it with my hands. Its a great feeling and very relaxing. If I’m stress out, this help me relax and think clear.

So here is what I create today. I love how it come out.

So I use cardboard and paint the background whatever color I want it to be then the pattern.  It was a little fast that I made a few mistake but I just have to slow it down.

After I finish it, I use Mod Podge Gloss-Lustre for shine finish. I’m off to do a few more.

Enjoy your weekend.

Update:  Here another one I made afterward.

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