Creativity #3 ~ Can Brushes

This is what I made today. I  decide to use a can of bread crumbs to put my paint brushes on. It is so much easier to get to them when I want to paint. I enjoy designing the can to what I want it to look like.

Off I went to decorate this can. I paint stripes on it and I drop the can when it was wet and it smear the paint. I continue smearing colors, drips, slashes, and dots. I was going for the mess type thing now and it came out.  Now it holds all my tall brushes and I can get to it whenever I want.

Enjoy your day.

4 thoughts on “Creativity #3 ~ Can Brushes

  1. Wow!,Lisa:

    I knew you had talent. It’s about time that you had the courage to let the world to see your creations. I know its not easy, but some day someone will admire them and maybe come knocking at your door and say that they would like to see your creations.

  2. Lisa,

    I’ve know you for 8 years and since i met you, i knew that you are a very talented person. I think every peace of artwork you’ve created is magnificent. From your hats and bags to your canvases, you really are a very espicial and talented person. Art unleashes something beautiful in you that some of us don’t get to see from you very often and i think its a wonderful thing. I’m very happy and proud of you for following what you love. I look forward to reading your blog and seeing your latest peace of art.

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