Heart and Soul Art Collection #3&4

Wow, I’m in a roll now. I just can’t stop making these.

This one is 3&4 because its two pictures in one. I can fold it in half into a card if I like.  I love neon colors with a dark background. It like a 3d card. More cards/postcards to come in HnSAC.  I hope you enjoy looking at them as I enjoy making them.  Bye.

2 thoughts on “Heart and Soul Art Collection #3&4

  1. Because i’m a sucker for flowers and this happens to be one of my favorite colos i think its beautiful….this painting and the sail boat with the three moons will make a beautul piece of framed art work. if they are small you can frame 3 or 4 of them together! at least that is something i would love to do and put it in my living room.

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