Junk Drawer Challenge Continue

I finally finish my challenge. So remember I join this challenge in Ravelry and I had to looked in my junk drawer to use in one of my project.  Well, I did it. Okay, I use these little thingys in my art minus the plastic clear thing. They are  silver/black ear ring, two red soda tab, gold/silver washer, two small black beads, two white twistie ties, and golden lock.This is what I did to them when I add them to my art. The first one is title “Happy Time at a Birthday”. It look like fireworks and balloons.

And the second one is title “Busy Bee”. I love this one the most. I want a sign with letters at random with a busy bee fly by. The golden lock was a add touch to the picture.

This really open up my mind to the many different ways I can incorporate unused item to my art. But I haven’t found any other item yet.  I’ll keep looking around for something to spark my imagination.

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