Bubble Summer & Special Note

Here is the two main feature I was talking about all week. I can’t express how I feel about these two art. I was inspire the other day I was able to make each one different from the other.

I called this one the Bubble Summer. I love bubble and the summer is when you see them the most. I want to paint bubble but in different color. I went for two lite color pink and blue. I went for a white background so the bubble would pop at you.

The second feature is the Special Note.  I add two pieces of tree branch, ashes from incense, broken bead, piece a metal of wick and a page from a book call Death of a Tenor Man. The colors I use is neon purple and banana yellow.  I love this one because I grab a few things made it work together. Its has open my mind for different ideas to play with. Tell me what you think.

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