Little Gift Bags

This week feature is scraps yarn. You know the left over yarn you have laying around the house on baskets, bags, or boxes. The little balls that you have no ideas what to do with them. Well, I gathered up all the little and medium yarn ball I had on boxes, bags, and baskets and decide to get rid of them by making different things out of them. It was fun to see what I would come up with since I want to create but without using paints this week.

So here is what I made today. I made little gift bags or whatever you want to call them. I use them for gift cards, little toys, coins, little charms, bracelet, earring, and etc. It can be use for anything. I just measure the little gift and crochet around the chain. I like the square ones because they can be flat and you can add a flap and button.

I haven’t try a circle bag yet maybe I try it for the next project on left over yarn. So if you bored this summer why not take those scraps yarn and start brain storming. Create a hat, scarf, little toy, or sleeve/cozy for a ipod or cell phone. Its endless. Keep an eye out this week and next week for all the different crochet scrap yarn project I will post. If anyone has any questions how to make any one of these, please let me know and I will show you how.  This would be great start for a beginner.

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