Inspiration all around me!!

This weekend I decide to go outside to get inspire by the things around me. I walk around the neighborhood, the park, and stores for inspiration. Can’t you believe it work. I got so inspire I had to write a few down so I wouldn’t forget what I saw like the colors, shapes, and sizes. It was great.

This is what I made from this experience. I was standing next to a phone wire pole while waiting for the light to change. I notice this wood pole had a bunch of thick staples on it. I thought that interesting to see so many staples on it. I started to think how I can add this to my art and what tool would I use to make this.  It not all great but I love that I was able to see a pattern and incorporate in my art.

Later, I was walking in the park and remember at night you can hear cricket and frog by our pond. It really a beautiful sound to heard nature at night. So I have this little frog toy I wanted to use as a stamp. It’s feet are really well made to use as a stamp. Well, you can say I went happy stamping away.

As you can see, you can be inspire by anything around you.  I hope I have open up your mind to see the outside world with your imagination.

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