Dirty, Dirty Streets

I was fooling around with another atc cards and I didn’t like how they turn out so I decide to paint over it. I used black first then added gold to it. I put scrap paper and words to make it stand out. It is call dirty streets because you can always find trash on the street where ever you go. I love how random art can be. You take a few things and put them together. Then say, “wow, it works.”

One thought on “Dirty, Dirty Streets

  1. Just popped over to your ATC menu. These are great. Some of my best ATCs were from mistakes. And yes, I too pick up trash, especially tickets at the movie theatre, tea packaging, and restaurant bills (especially if it’s signed by the waiter with a “thank you.”) Once you antique them, they look pretty good. Thanks for the fun post. Patsye

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