Why is it we never give our self credit on what we do? I guess it our human side. We don’t think we are worthy of anything which is silly because we work for it.  Even so, we still feel we don’t deserve the credit. We are our worst critic. Well, I have to say, you only have yourself to be your biggest fan. You only have yourself to be your best friend when no one is around cheering you on. Don’t doubt it. You are who you are and no one can take that way from you. It so hard for me to express myself through writing but through my art I’m fearless. I love make mess, expression myself through my creativity, and letting my light shine bright. Its the most satisfying feeling. I’m so grateful for it.

I have this beautiful painting I see every morning and I haven’t post it here. Its call “Spirits”. It my most recent painting that I love to look at. I even thought of making another one but I realize it wouldn’t be the same. I see so much in it.  She is so bright and beautiful. I still can’t believe I gave her life.

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