New year and new start

I have been doing alot of creating lately like painting, gift tags, and now I decided to try to decorate the cover of my journal book for the new year. Every new year I buy myself a journal book to write in it and hopefully, this year I will write my heart out until I don’t have any pages left in the book. So this is what my journal book cover looks like. I started to do layering and I find it fun to do. I love the texture look to it. It makes  it pop out and I love to run my fingers through it. I guess it a touchy feeling thing, lol.

4 thoughts on “New year and new start

  1. Hi again. This is adorable. I was trying to make the picture bigger so I could see what the printed text was, but couldn’t. I have a stack of old, brown-edged books that I use for just this purpose, ripping pages as I need them.

    I got a query from a lady overseas that has something to do with Artists for Poverty, or something like that. They’re collecting journals for a show in London, the journals will then be auctioned off, and the profits will go to building a house in Romania for temporarily homeless people….I think. I may have it all wrong, but I investigated somewhat and they seem legit. So I’m probably going to make a journal (I’ve never done one completely though I’ve started two or three) and send it on. I like the opportunity to help in my small way. If you’re interested, let me know, and I’ll check things even further. I’d hate for us to both lose a journal over a scam, but as you know, the Internet is full of them.

    The other thing I do is start journal writing every year, and stop about two weeks into it. Especially now that I’m blogging. This IS my journal, and a great way to make new friends.

    Thanks for posting and talk to you soon. Patsye

  2. Hey Patsye,
    The text prints are from a old dictionary of Greek and Italian translation. I found it in a thread shop. I think I have to reglue them. They’re slowly coming off on the corners.
    I still can’t master the art of thread a journal together or cutting the paper straight. In other words, making my own journal. I think I try like 6 times and they all look loop side.
    You do have me wondering about the journals for auctioned off. Like its it a page of a journal or a whole journal book?
    Lastly, I’m try to be discipline this year on journaling. Since I am afraid to write what I feel. I find it hard to express myself through writing but it has help me a lot. I hope by the end of this year, I will heal this old wound. After all, writing is therapeutic.

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