Recycle Journal

I want to make my own journal book but I want to use what I had around. So I found recycle papers and cardboard. Then I wonder if I can use it to make one out of it. So I cut, glue, and paint it. I didn’t want to thread it in. You see I did this once and the book looked crook. It rip a few of the pages. So I took some yarn instead and tie it on the front when I’m not using it. The pages are from magazines, newspapers, notepad, fliers, and calendar. It so different. I would like to use as art journal so I can write, add pictures, draw, or paint in it. Some thing new and different to my creative outlet…

3 thoughts on “Recycle Journal

  1. It is different, and it’s beautiful. I love the colors. I keep journals, but I’ve yet to decorate one. I will be doing one in the near future for a fundraiser. Thanks for the idea. Patsye

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