First Love

Sorry I haven’t post lately. It just that I went back to my first love…crochet. I love feeling the yarn in my hand and the hook loop the single crochet/half crochet/double crochet stitch in the row. It really relaxes me.  I can’t help concentrate on how tight the stitch is and keeping count on each row. After all that, having to look over my work after I finish it is satisfying. Creating something with my hands has it rewards.

This is my first granny square blanket. I made for someone who was having a baby boy. It took a long time to make each square and then sew them together. My not so favorite part is weave in all the ends of each piece. There are so many strings on each color.  It felt endless but worth it because it out better than expected.

One thought on “First Love

  1. I LOVE these colors. Can you put two pieces of yarn together when changing colors and crochet them into place? I do that in knitting, so that the ends do not have to be woven in. Just double the yarn (one of each piece) and work as usual. An inch and a half should do it. Try this and let me know what you think. Patsye

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