Mini Journal Cards

As of lately, I have been visiting people blogs and there was one that stick out the most. It was coffee girl crafts because she uses the photo that she takes and add to her mini journal.  I fall in love how she did this. I always want to take magazine pictures of things I like, write over them and add it to my journal pages. I found these discard blank atc card laying around. They were cut wrong and I decide to use it as a trial run. I add some my own quotes and little cute touches here and there. Bang, like magic, they became my little art journal cards. They were fun to do and it courage me to do more of this in my journal pages. What a delightful way to bring life into the pages of your journals.

5 thoughts on “Mini Journal Cards

  1. I have just recently tried a few ATC’s and they are a great way to keep my creative juices flowing. I am a watercolorist and I think it will be a great way to cut up paintings that didn’t quite make it and use as little cards.

    Well done.

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