Over at Creative Every Day, there is a challenge for every month and April’s challenge is small. Its funny because I have seen others do these inches art or mini art book. I love those but never made or attempt to try one. So for this challenge I will like to try to do an inch art book. I will start with just the pages first so I don’t feel overwhelm to finish all the pages at once in the book. This will help me pace myself to slow down and I will get to enjoy the process more. I started with cardboard as the pages which I cut to 1.5 inches then pencil in the drawing I want on it and color in the background. I was little backwards here when I realize first I should color the background and then draw in the characters in. What I also found out that I have big paint brushes not small ones. Its making it hard to paint them in. I must have some small brushes somewhere in the closet so frustrating all ready.  I think I’m going to try one page at a time for 20-30 minutes a day which I finding frustrating but I’m trying to learn not do to much in one day but spread it out for a few days or weeks.  A big challenge for me but I keep you posted on each page until the book is do. Wish me luck, ;P.

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