February Bliss

Well, I am finally back and my camera is up and running. I had some reorganizing to do with a new desk to find a new space for it and I must say I love its location. I did other creation like cross stitching and crocheting but what I really wanting to do was to paint more which I did at a slow pace.

This month I made six pieces of art and to say ever though the month is going to end I was still able to squeeze in the last piece. I will start with my first creation. I going to call it Bliss because of the Valentine. I first did some texture with paper to give it an effect. I love bright colors so I went with neon green and pink with hint of yellow and blues.  I wanted the painting to have a soft color to the eyes.

This beauty was the beginning of I want to do another and another and another that I went to the store to buy more paints and canvases just in case I ran out of it. I’m so excite and happy to be painting again. I promise to show you the other five but I want to give them there own post to introduce them and tell you how I got inspire by each piece.

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