February Trash

When I did Bliss in February, I wanted to do it again but didn’t know how to make it better or copy it so I got frustrate that I decide to just go for it. This one is call Trash because it reminds me of a big pile of garbage that fell on the floor that became one big mess. I just wanted to paint and not stop creating. It was like a creative block. I wanted to do more but didn’t know what color or style to start with. This time there was no doing it this way or that way. I just ran with it that I kept adding and adding until I couldn’t do no more.

I started with paper square with white and blue colors in the background then add more crinkle paper with red and pink paint. Finally, I just add more colors, glitter and small pieces of paper until I couldn’t make it any uglier. Don’t get me wrong, it not that I don’t like this piece.  I was able to let loose and it help me open up to create more pieces of art. I love it because its messy, crazy, angry, and damn right trashy.

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