February Mistake

I will called this one Mistake. With this painting two things happen, I did it at the same time with another painting and it didn’t turn out to be what it was original intend to look like.

Let me explain, I got an idea to do the next painting and then another idea pop up in mind at the same time. I didn’t want to forget it that I did two painting at once. I will show you the other one in the next post.

The other thing the idea got mess up that it turn into something else. The background is what I mess up on that I just add colors and little pieces of left over paper from the other painting over it so you won’t see my big mess.

I guess mistake do happen for a reason. It was suppose to be a door way with light coming through instead it look like windows with some papers stuck to it where the light was suppose to be. So I just lively it up with some life to it.

Warning: I am starting to think that my favorite colors I like to use is pink, purple, and blue. They seem to dance together perfectly and you might seem these colors again in other art work.

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