February Adventurous

I called this painting Adventurous because I adventure into a way I never thought of try. I took the colors bright pink, hot pink, and turquoise as the background . I add more colors in different ways like yellow, green, red, white, glitter green, light pink, blues, black, and purple. Also did it in circle, dots, slash, blotch, splash, drips, and spread the colors around the canvas. At first, I didn’t like it but the more I explore with different colors the more I adventure into different techniques. I was able to do it all the different techniques that I have use in other painting into one work. The paper was glue thin and angle to give it a effect to the painting. It look like I was emotionally upset and need it to get out on to the canvas. This was the painting I was doing at the same time with Mistake. It did stress me out but i was able to make both painting at the same time with there own style.

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