Expressing Through Art

For the month of May, I thought why not do a project on expressing one self through art. It would be something therapeutic. It like this whatever I am feeling being it angry, sad, or upset, I would take out my supplies and just paint it out.  This would help me get it out and see it in front of me so I can view it. I can use this when I am so emotions so I can clearly see whats going on.  You can join in the fun of expressing yourself as well if you like. The point is to letting it out so you can feel better. This way it can help relieve stress or pent up emotions that needs to get out. I would be posting on how I’m going to do it being with supplies I use, the technique, and the process. It can help you get inspire to create something on your own. There really no right or wrong way of doing it but it can be something that you don’t have to do on your own at first. The whole thing is to get start and to pace yourself but in the end, you can make it how you want it to look.  I hope you will see what I have create and you will join in the fun of self expression through art.

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