Project #1 Love Thyself

In order to get this project going I have to say first that I am new to writing a tutorial so please bear with me and second if you have any question I be happy to answer it. Next I have been going through some ups and downs that I want to face this feeling in order to get a grips on how to deal with it through some therapeutic art. I wrote some personal writing on loving thyself. It something we all go through. I don’t want to say what I wrote but I want to express what I am going through so you can have an idea as what I am doing. Okay now it out there, I will process on the next part of the project.

Here is what I have use in this project. I took an old canvas that I previous painted on that I will use as my background color. You can use any color you like as a background color. I use this one because I was playing around and didn’t know what to do with it after. I guess it didn’t go to waste. I also took a sheet of paper and wrote what I was feeling at the moment. You can say I took a journal page and ripe it into pieces. I am going to glue the strips into the canvas.

Then I going to add few more colors in different ways. I waited for the glue to dry before adding any colors to the paper. I also check if paper was all glue to the canvas and add little more glue to it so when I add the paint it won’t start peeling back. After that I took the lite blue which I water down and painted the strips of paper.

This is when I took the colors and started to use my tools to get the little detail into it. The green thin lines I use the edge of plastic card to make the lines. A brush to make the yellow strokes thicker lines. I used cardboard to make the purple lines. The blue circles are from a bottle cap and the orange was water down, splash on and some was wipe off to give a faded look. Then I decide to add a quote to the end of the painting. I must say I can’t write in a straight line so I use a pencil and ruler to write the quote down then a marker and erase the pencil markings. The quote says, “I love myself for who I am.”

You can click on any of the photo to get a closer look at it. I am sorry if I didn’t show more on how I did the technique part. It takes alot of pictures and patience to do it when you in the moment of creating. I hope you join in the fun and let some steam out. Again, if you have any question, I try my best to explain it. I want to do another one and try to slow it down. I can show more on how to do it if you like just let me know okay. I can’t wait to make project 2 and to see what you made.

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