Random Words with Art

I wanted to try something different that I decide to try to make my own canvas with cardboard box and newspaper. It was different and fun. I first did the size and then glue rip newspaper to it. I waited over night for it to dry then in the morning coat it with white paint.  Later, I just grab any colors and went with it. When the painting was drying, I grabbed one of my magazine and took random text to use in my art. I didn’t have anything in particular that I wanted to use so I just cut a few words and just took the words that caught my attention. It was fun playing around that I wanted to make another one which I did it turn out pretty good. I think I going keep using words in my art but hopeful next time I get to do a poem one. Next week I going to do project 2 in expressing one self through art. I can’t wait to see how it going to turn out. Stay tuned.

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