Project #2 – Expressing One Self Through Word Art

In this project, I took what I did with the word art and share how I did it. I have been in the mood to make more word art to my collection of funk art. Remember to just go with it there are no formula to it. Just grab a canvas, paints, old magazine, stamps, glue and brushes.

1. Color Your Background

Just pick a color that catches your eyes. I picked crimson red. I coated it three times because the color comes out too dull. Now it looks darker and brighter than before. (Remember to let it dry between each coat. I know you knew that but some times we can get excited and impatience trying a new project.)

2. Add More Colors

Now it the fun part. Just grab random colors that goes with the background color. I decide to do different shapes. This is when you can use your stamps. I instead took what I had laying around the house like lids to make circles, card to make lines, spray bottle of water to mist the color and brush to make squiggling lines. (It okay to make mistake like drop a little color on the canvas that wasn’t suppose to be there. It all for good fun. Remember to let each shape to dry before make the next shape so you don’t mess up the art work.)

3. Glue Your Words

Take that old magazine and start cutting out words. Create any saying or random words in any size. Arrange them any way that you would like them to look before gluing them in place. I pick the words: Give, Can, All, Y, O, and U and came up with the saying, “Give All You Can.” How about that for inspiration?  Well this is it, pretty simple, huh? I had fun making this. I hope you give it a try and see what you come out with it. Here how it looks enlarge. Later.

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