Junk Art

I was cleaning out my junk drawer and thought it would be nice to incorporate junkie items that I don’t use anymore. You know those items that are collecting dust in your drawer. So I took two single earrings, three washers, two bolts and add some color to them. Then I went to my canvas to color it up. I went for a black background and took my sponge to dip some yellow paint on the black. I wait for it to dry and decide what else I wanted to it. I didn’t want to color the edge of it completely black but I lightly color it in. Then I took one of my stamp cardboard cut it into a triangle shape and stamp it with a lite blue color. Lastly, I glue in the earrings, washers and bolts on and let it dry. That pretty much it. Simply as it seem. It looks like my own version of steam punk.

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