Journals Collection

I just realize last year that I have quite a collection of journals. I started with black and white notebooks to spiral 3 subject notebooks. Then I went with buying beautiful journal book with beautiful design. And finally I started to decorate a few myself. This pop in mind this week because I’ve been encouraging myself for two years to writing as much as possible. One of my journal book is one quarter left. I was sad I have been writing so much lately that I try to use a second one when I just want to doodling and write random things. Then today I was thinking in search for a new one and remember that I have quite a collection of journals that have not been used and others that are half way finished. I just can’t help myself.  I love to collected them and now I have some cool ideas to decorate them. I’m so tempted to get a few more to play around with the cover. Oh, wait there is still the others ones I brought last year. Where did I put those?

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