Do you customize your stuff?


I do. I love to take a notebook, journal, sketch book, and pocket calendar to look uniquely to my liking. I recent brought a sketch book that was on sale (couldn’t resist) and I didn’t like the cover. Its was too plain for my liking. I decide to customize a bit to make it my own. I used an FedEx envelope and cut it to the size of the book. I color it with three coat of bright blue acrylic paint and when it all dry I used drip paint in the colors pink, light blue, red and yellow. I used the cap of acrylic paint pink to make the circles. I tell you a secret the first time I did it, it didn’t come out. The next day I had to paint over it and try again which I am glad it looks better.


These pocket calendar was free and I want them to look less boring. I decorated it with the colors I want them to look like. I used a pen to do the small yellow circle and a cork of wine bottle to do the big silver circles. My favorite thing to do drip paint and use a tooth brush to splash the tiny paint so much fun.


Last, I took a magazine with picture of things I like and arrange it around my notebook. I went with a bird cage, different kinds flowers, trees, food like french toast with fruit, cherries, and water falls. I used one of my manila envelope art that I did a while ago and incorporate with the pictures. I also use some stamps that say confidential, received (I wrote 2013), love, and trust. Then I coated with mod podge gloss lustre-lustre so it doesn’t get damage from to much uses. Well, these are the recent ones I have done. So tell me what are the things you customize?

3 thoughts on “Do you customize your stuff?

  1. These are so cool! I began doing this myself a little while back too! In the past I’d hunted out books with beautiful covers – now I get ones with plain covers and make them ‘my own’ just like this! 🙂

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