Junk Art


I love to express myself with art. It calms me and gives me joy in creating something with paint and a brush. I let myself be as creative as possible and go beyond I’m willing to take it.

I would like to do some projects to create and show you how to use simply ways using stuff you have around the house. It can be fun, freeing and joy able for those who don’t know. Let me show you how to create art with stuff you have laying around the house. I use stuff from advertisement to mail envelopes. You really don’t need much stuff to begin exploring how to let go and just create. Form of expression comes in so many different ways. I love it when I can find a piece of paper and incorporate in my art.

It just a matter of letting go of the rules on how it suppose to be and letting your inner child to step up. The purpose is to get start in creating something without worrying about what it going to look like and enjoying the moment of creating something with yourself.

You can start with looking around the house and getting stuff like cereal boxes, use envelopes, pieces of paper, glue, acrylic paints, brushes, and items like cups, bottles or caps to use as circles. Today is my birthday and I want to do something different to share with others who want to be creative but don’t know where to start. Like this canvas I just paper, plastic card, paints, and can. I can show you to make this with just using cereal box, paper, bubble wrap, plastic card, and drip paint.

Its taking a few minutes of your time to try something so in two days I will post my junk art project 1. Come and join me for a little creating and exploring something different.

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