Junk Art Project #1


Cereal Box Art


  • cereal box
  • paper
  • glue
  • scissor
  • brushes
  • acrylic paints
  • items like different size caps, bubble wrap, plastic card, or stamp

I love texture behind the color not so thick but enough to see it with the background paint. It looks like you create it with the paint.

I first open the box where it is seal on the side of the box. Then I cut off the flaps that close the box. I went with a rectangle shape which I used most of the box. I then took out some papers and I rip them into many different sizes. I have long strip, big and small square, and rectangle shapes. I glue them around to cover the box but little bit of the cardboard was not covered. I glue the paper from big, medium, small, and little bit pieces on top of each other like this. (sorry for the photo. I’m using my cell phone camera.)


I waited for it to dry before I started color it in so this give me time to look through the colors I want to use and the tools that will give the effect I want. I used the colors caramel candy as the background color and cover the whole thing. Then the items I used was a big can, plastic card, bubble wrap, and the colors black, coral, robin’s egg blue and cadmium yellow.


I started first with the plastic card and the color black to smeared it across the cardboard in rows. I try not to put too much black on it. I let it dry and went for the big can with blue on the rim to make big circle at an angle. I took the bubble wrap and coral put paint on it and stamp it on the cardboard on certain places. Lastly I use cadmium yellow as my drip paint by just putting dots on certain spots let it dry a bit then I used the plastic card to spread in one direction. Pretty easy as long as you let it dry before going to next part. I was impress how it turn out. I guess this is my four time trying this technique this week and each time it came out different.


I am excite to be doing this project and I hope you try for yourself. Instead a cardboard you can use it your art journal. This is how I got the ideas from it. It just a matter of trying and doing it more than once. Next week I’ll do it again but with a foam board with more pictures for you to see. I trying to learn to slow down and take many pictures to show you how I do it. I also still be posting my art journal pages.

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