Junk art project #2


Foam Art

Materials I used: foam, used business envelopes, glue, plastic card, brushes, acrylic paints, bubble wrap or stamp.


I use paper on my project because the paper absorbs the paint better and faster. You don’t have to use foam for this project you can use cardboard or poster.


I took envelopes and tear into pieces and range on the foam before gluing it. I used the envelopes with design on the inside of them.  I cut off the windows and decide to not use it for this project.


Let it dry before apply any color on it and remember to press down on the paper when you gluing to the cardboard. If you don’t have used envelopes, you can use ads, plain paper, new envelopes, tissue paper, receipts, and etc.  With the ads paper, you can use white paint to hide the colors if you don’t want it in your art but its nice to use as a background effect. Then I pick a background color and squeeze onto the foam with a brush spread the color. I made sure to cover it completely the paper and foam with the burgundy color.


After it dry, I used bubble wrap with the color black to stamp it where I want it to go.


I let it dry. Then I used plastic card with lagoon blue and swap it on the sides.


I drip dot paint (tiger lily) on certain places and I stand it up to drip down.


I used another paint (white) like dots on and use a pencil to move the paint in certain direction.


Lastly, I used paper towel cardboard part and stamp in lime green as well as lily pad green with the cap stamp in the middle of it.


And that it. You can’t tell it foam until you pick it up and feel it. It sturdy and hard after it. I should get a frame for it to put it up.  I hope you enjoy my tutorials of junk art. The next one probably be a art journal, art card, tag art, or something. I have too many ideas that I haven’t decide which one to do next.

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