I been thinking…


I’m sorry I haven’t been on lately. I been focusing on creating my business and taking care of my health. I have hyperthyroid since I was 24 years old and now I finally understanding all the overwhelming, brain fog, excessive fatigue, exhaustion, feeling jittery, difficult sleeping, nervous, irritability, anxiety, and frustration I have been feeling for 12 years. I felt lost, confused and damn right struggling with life. The few things that bring me calmness and peace is my painting, journal, and breathing exercise. It been a struggle and it would be nice for change to talk to someone with it who are experiencing the same thing. I found a group that I can listen and understand more about it. I feel better and learning so much these past few weeks. I finally can say I feel more myself and found my purpose in life. It would be a good idea to create workshops of creative expression for thyroid women. I know how hard it is to express how you feel verbally and in writing with painting it feel more at home maybe others will feel it too. I don’t have all the detail how to create it but it just the beginning piece that I’m excite about and I love to be with others who feel like I do and being able to express it would feel like an release. I know others will benefit from it and it would be great for it to be out there. I know how it feels feeling alone with no source of motivation or inspiration to move with. I love to express myself freely and creatively. It such a good feeling and for others to know and learn this would make them feel better. It might make them want to take care of their bodies and create goals for their life whatever it is I just want to help in ways I know how. Painting has been a big part of my life and I get so much joy and excitement in my life. It helps me alot and know it will help others too.

4 thoughts on “I been thinking…

  1. I have felt the same about my artwork, coming from a different direction and for a different reason, and yet ending up at the same place you are. Doing art has made all the difference to me and how I manage everyday living. The very best of luck to you. I like your ideas.

    • thank you so much. I found it hard to post it. There just a satisfying feeling you get when you create. I don’t know if it because I have a hard time talking it out but with art it give me a freeing feeling to it and I’m hope this will help others with thyroid dis-ease will help them too.

  2. I am hypothyroid. Finding the right Dr. to treat it was a problem for me but I finally found someone who is getting my levels back to normal. Creating art has really helped me along the way. Glad you found a group that can talk to!

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