My Princess


I made this yesterday on my art journal. I wanted to make a princess that has a crown of feathers and beads. She is so cute. She reminds me of a doll I used to own. I wanted her to have jewelry on and her eyes closed like she is thinking really hard. This art journal is my six one which I haven’t show you this one or fifth one. This journal has inspire my seven art journal because it going to be different. I’m preparing it now and I’m doing it before painting in it. I started on Friday and non-stop for three or four days straight. I slowed down a bit to see what other things I want to put into it before the full on journey of expressing myself. I give you a guess on what I’m doing to it: I’m adding textures and layers. I can’t wait in starting to use it. So much fun. Today I was inspire to write on here and post this beauty up because I’m so proud on how she turn out. I haven’t name her but I know she is a princess alright. This will be my commitment of posting more on my blog. See you soon, Love ya, Adal.

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