just a thought


I went to my closet the other day and found a few books when I first started my mixed media. I was surprise to see a few art journals that I started but fell short. I felt they didn’t look like the ones I would see others make so when I started the 365 days of art journal I was approaching it with my own way of doing it with just my painting style like I would my canvas art. Now that I’m up to my sixth book, I still get frustrate that I still haven’t pick up other technique style. What I found interesting is that everyone has there own way in doing it. There is no one style. It made me realize that I have my style and I’m still new to it. I have improve on it but it still my authentic way. My style has change since 2010 and three years later I do art almost everyday which I didn’t before. Soon I’m going to be at the end of my six art journal and look at the other books there is something different now. I love to use three different colors and layering is so much fun. I’m so addicted to gluing paper to paper. I did it before on a few of my canvas before doing it on the art journal. This is my style.  Since preparing my seven book I feel I going to have so much fun with it. I just can’t wait to start it just because I want to see how it all going to look with colors and texture.

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