0909141633bToday I took out my paintings. I was thinking how long have I been painting. It has been 16 years and I own 73 canvas. I have them laying out to see how much I have progress and grown through out the years. I scan over to the corner of my living room where I usually paint and saw paint marks on the wall that when I understood that corner is my art studio. I took out my paintings because I was having a conversation with a friend of mine. She was telling that I should try to sell my art and show my work to an art gallery. I was thinking back when I started to paint and didn’t believe that I was an artist. I thought who do you think you are. It was something really hard to admit all those years. I had to let go of many layers of pain and fear to finally say I am an artist. Maybe it is time to show my pieces and sell them. I love every single one of them. They have been with me every step of my journey through tough and happy time. Remembering where it all started has brought happiness and joy but I’m also looking forward to what new projects is next to explore.

4 thoughts on “Reminiscencing…

  1. If you decide to sell them I think you will be happily surprised. There will be people who have been looking for the same vision that you are painting. A connection will be made that you and they will value. I say this because I felt the same way as you did – was I an artist? – and I started to try to sell my work because frankly, there was getting to be too much of it to store. I would never have imagined the wonderful feeling of having my voice heard that exhibiting my work brought to me. I would hope for the same for you!

  2. If you are ready to let go of them then you should take them to some galleries or sell them on Etsy. I had so many pieces last year so I took some into a local gallery to see if they sold on commission. The owner was just wonderful and asked me if I would like to exhibit. I had my first exhibit in May and have been asked by another gallery to exhibit next month. I never dreamed that would happen and am still surprised that I got up the courage to take my art in that gallery, but am so glad I did.

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