The one thing I love about art is the colors.


Being able to express myself can be freeing but the colors is my absolute favorite. I always find inspiration around me everyday like in clothing, nature, videos, signs, and other art. I have to stop and take notes of the colors I see to use in my next art projects.

When I use three or four colors, it like a combination of light and dark that balance each other out. The more I do this in my art journals,  I notice new ways to create things differently but also I open up to new ways in doing it.

There is something about using different colors can bring an understanding that colors is more than just colors. It brings out not only emotions but gives it room to be felt, heard, and speak. This is why I love using colors in my art.



Junk art project #2


Foam Art

Materials I used: foam, used business envelopes, glue, plastic card, brushes, acrylic paints, bubble wrap or stamp.


I use paper on my project because the paper absorbs the paint better and faster. You don’t have to use foam for this project you can use cardboard or poster.


I took envelopes and tear into pieces and range on the foam before gluing it. I used the envelopes with design on the inside of them.  I cut off the windows and decide to not use it for this project.


Let it dry before apply any color on it and remember to press down on the paper when you gluing to the cardboard. If you don’t have used envelopes, you can use ads, plain paper, new envelopes, tissue paper, receipts, and etc.  With the ads paper, you can use white paint to hide the colors if you don’t want it in your art but its nice to use as a background effect. Then I pick a background color and squeeze onto the foam with a brush spread the color. I made sure to cover it completely the paper and foam with the burgundy color.


After it dry, I used bubble wrap with the color black to stamp it where I want it to go.


I let it dry. Then I used plastic card with lagoon blue and swap it on the sides.


I drip dot paint (tiger lily) on certain places and I stand it up to drip down.


I used another paint (white) like dots on and use a pencil to move the paint in certain direction.


Lastly, I used paper towel cardboard part and stamp in lime green as well as lily pad green with the cap stamp in the middle of it.


And that it. You can’t tell it foam until you pick it up and feel it. It sturdy and hard after it. I should get a frame for it to put it up.  I hope you enjoy my tutorials of junk art. The next one probably be a art journal, art card, tag art, or something. I have too many ideas that I haven’t decide which one to do next.

Junk Art Project #1


Cereal Box Art


  • cereal box
  • paper
  • glue
  • scissor
  • brushes
  • acrylic paints
  • items like different size caps, bubble wrap, plastic card, or stamp

I love texture behind the color not so thick but enough to see it with the background paint. It looks like you create it with the paint.

I first open the box where it is seal on the side of the box. Then I cut off the flaps that close the box. I went with a rectangle shape which I used most of the box. I then took out some papers and I rip them into many different sizes. I have long strip, big and small square, and rectangle shapes. I glue them around to cover the box but little bit of the cardboard was not covered. I glue the paper from big, medium, small, and little bit pieces on top of each other like this. (sorry for the photo. I’m using my cell phone camera.)


I waited for it to dry before I started color it in so this give me time to look through the colors I want to use and the tools that will give the effect I want. I used the colors caramel candy as the background color and cover the whole thing. Then the items I used was a big can, plastic card, bubble wrap, and the colors black, coral, robin’s egg blue and cadmium yellow.


I started first with the plastic card and the color black to smeared it across the cardboard in rows. I try not to put too much black on it. I let it dry and went for the big can with blue on the rim to make big circle at an angle. I took the bubble wrap and coral put paint on it and stamp it on the cardboard on certain places. Lastly I use cadmium yellow as my drip paint by just putting dots on certain spots let it dry a bit then I used the plastic card to spread in one direction. Pretty easy as long as you let it dry before going to next part. I was impress how it turn out. I guess this is my four time trying this technique this week and each time it came out different.


I am excite to be doing this project and I hope you try for yourself. Instead a cardboard you can use it your art journal. This is how I got the ideas from it. It just a matter of trying and doing it more than once. Next week I’ll do it again but with a foam board with more pictures for you to see. I trying to learn to slow down and take many pictures to show you how I do it. I also still be posting my art journal pages.

Junk Art


I love to express myself with art. It calms me and gives me joy in creating something with paint and a brush. I let myself be as creative as possible and go beyond I’m willing to take it.

I would like to do some projects to create and show you how to use simply ways using stuff you have around the house. It can be fun, freeing and joy able for those who don’t know. Let me show you how to create art with stuff you have laying around the house. I use stuff from advertisement to mail envelopes. You really don’t need much stuff to begin exploring how to let go and just create. Form of expression comes in so many different ways. I love it when I can find a piece of paper and incorporate in my art.

It just a matter of letting go of the rules on how it suppose to be and letting your inner child to step up. The purpose is to get start in creating something without worrying about what it going to look like and enjoying the moment of creating something with yourself.

You can start with looking around the house and getting stuff like cereal boxes, use envelopes, pieces of paper, glue, acrylic paints, brushes, and items like cups, bottles or caps to use as circles. Today is my birthday and I want to do something different to share with others who want to be creative but don’t know where to start. Like this canvas I just paper, plastic card, paints, and can. I can show you to make this with just using cereal box, paper, bubble wrap, plastic card, and drip paint.

Its taking a few minutes of your time to try something so in two days I will post my junk art project 1. Come and join me for a little creating and exploring something different.

Calm Blue

One of my favorite color is blue and the other day I went crazy with it. The reason I say this is because I use this color in three different paintings. I always felt that blue has a calming affect so I use it in this painting. I even wrote the word CALM to the painting. I guess it will help in those moment when I am anxious during the day. I took a dark blue with white and lighten it so it can look like a sky blue. The splash color is the true color. I didn’t use the original color as much in this painting as I would have. You can see what the canvas first color was before I painted over it.

Mix it up

I love using new materials in my art. This time I saw some old notebooks that were laying around. I thought about throw them out but decide to use the cover as a canvas. I rip them apart and processed to used the inside. It is so much easier to color in. Since I haven’t created for a while, I just took random colors. I use cardboard tube and bottle cap to make circles. I try to use a string to make a cool affect but end up making lines. Then I use my hands as a stamp and then I glue two letters into the painting. I love just going with it because it gets me in a creative mode. It helps me continue making more which I did. I’ll show you next time.