This is Sky.

She is naked and free to be herself.

It also like the sense of self.

She embark in a journey to soul search

who she is and she arrive to accepting all her flaws.

She has a veil covering her nose and mouth like

she’s delicate and feminine.

Sky has a symbol on her neck and chest of

the true self always living within her.




0909141633bToday I took out my paintings. I was thinking how long have I been painting. It has been 16 years and I own 73 canvas. I have them laying out to see how much I have progress and grown through out the years. I scan over to the corner of my living room where I usually paint and saw paint marks on the wall that when I understood that corner is my art studio. I took out my paintings because I was having a conversation with a friend of mine. She was telling that I should try to sell my art and show my work to an art gallery. I was thinking back when I started to paint and didn’t believe that I was an artist. I thought who do you think you are. It was something really hard to admit all those years. I had to let go of many layers of pain and fear to finally say I am an artist. Maybe it is time to show my pieces and sell them. I love every single one of them. They have been with me every step of my journey through tough and happy time. Remembering where it all started has brought happiness and joy but I’m also looking forward to what new projects is next to explore.

The one thing I love about art is the colors.


Being able to express myself can be freeing but the colors is my absolute favorite. I always find inspiration around me everyday like in clothing, nature, videos, signs, and other art. I have to stop and take notes of the colors I see to use in my next art projects.

When I use three or four colors, it like a combination of light and dark that balance each other out. The more I do this in my art journals,  I notice new ways to create things differently but also I open up to new ways in doing it.

There is something about using different colors can bring an understanding that colors is more than just colors. It brings out not only emotions but gives it room to be felt, heard, and speak. This is why I love using colors in my art.


Last Weekend …


Last weekend, I was able to do some painting and I was as carefree with this one. There was no direction as to what I was going to do with it but I was skeptical with how I was starting it out. With all the playing around with my art journal, I took what I have done before and turn into beautiful art work.

Looking through windows


Don’t you ever feel like you are looking through different windows?

What I mean is life gives you different options to pick from and you get a glance at them before choosing. I feel like this for the coming new year and I finding new things I would like to experience in my life. This is what this painting remind me of when I look at it different opportunities. I trying to do something with paint and water. I wanted to add more but I felt it didn’t fit but if I did it would take way from the beautiful colors.

Sky, Sea, and Land

I just finally finish this painting. It took me a week and half to do it.  I was just playing around with the colors and a pattern. It turn out again better than what I expected. I love how the colors complement each other and the white circles makes the colors pop more. I must say that this project was a slow process which I’m not use to doing. Most of the time I would doing it all in one day but this one I wanted to take my time on and look it over and over before doing to much to it. Now that it done I can say it complete without any worries or dissatisfaction.

Project #1 Love Thyself

In order to get this project going I have to say first that I am new to writing a tutorial so please bear with me and second if you have any question I be happy to answer it. Next I have been going through some ups and downs that I want to face this feeling in order to get a grips on how to deal with it through some therapeutic art. I wrote some personal writing on loving thyself. It something we all go through. I don’t want to say what I wrote but I want to express what I am going through so you can have an idea as what I am doing. Okay now it out there, I will process on the next part of the project.

Here is what I have use in this project. I took an old canvas that I previous painted on that I will use as my background color. You can use any color you like as a background color. I use this one because I was playing around and didn’t know what to do with it after. I guess it didn’t go to waste. I also took a sheet of paper and wrote what I was feeling at the moment. You can say I took a journal page and ripe it into pieces. I am going to glue the strips into the canvas.

Then I going to add few more colors in different ways. I waited for the glue to dry before adding any colors to the paper. I also check if paper was all glue to the canvas and add little more glue to it so when I add the paint it won’t start peeling back. After that I took the lite blue which I water down and painted the strips of paper.

This is when I took the colors and started to use my tools to get the little detail into it. The green thin lines I use the edge of plastic card to make the lines. A brush to make the yellow strokes thicker lines. I used cardboard to make the purple lines. The blue circles are from a bottle cap and the orange was water down, splash on and some was wipe off to give a faded look. Then I decide to add a quote to the end of the painting. I must say I can’t write in a straight line so I use a pencil and ruler to write the quote down then a marker and erase the pencil markings. The quote says, “I love myself for who I am.”

You can click on any of the photo to get a closer look at it. I am sorry if I didn’t show more on how I did the technique part. It takes alot of pictures and patience to do it when you in the moment of creating. I hope you join in the fun and let some steam out. Again, if you have any question, I try my best to explain it. I want to do another one and try to slow it down. I can show more on how to do it if you like just let me know okay. I can’t wait to make project 2 and to see what you made.