This is Sky.

She is naked and free to be herself.

It also like the sense of self.

She embark in a journey to soul search

who she is and she arrive to accepting all her flaws.

She has a veil covering her nose and mouth like

she’s delicate and feminine.

Sky has a symbol on her neck and chest of

the true self always living within her.



0909141633bToday I took out my paintings. I was thinking how long have I been painting. It has been 16 years and I own 73 canvas. I have them laying out to see how much I have progress and grown through out the years. I scan over to the corner of my living room where I usually paint and saw paint marks on the wall that when I understood that corner is my art studio. I took out my paintings because I was having a conversation with a friend of mine. She was telling that I should try to sell my art and show my work to an art gallery. I was thinking back when I started to paint and didn’t believe that I was an artist. I thought who do you think you are. It was something really hard to admit all those years. I had to let go of many layers of pain and fear to finally say I am an artist. Maybe it is time to show my pieces and sell them. I love every single one of them. They have been with me every step of my journey through tough and happy time. Remembering where it all started has brought happiness and joy but I’m also looking forward to what new projects is next to explore.

The one thing I love about art is the colors.


Being able to express myself can be freeing but the colors is my absolute favorite. I always find inspiration around me everyday like in clothing, nature, videos, signs, and other art. I have to stop and take notes of the colors I see to use in my next art projects.

When I use three or four colors, it like a combination of light and dark that balance each other out. The more I do this in my art journals,  I notice new ways to create things differently but also I open up to new ways in doing it.

There is something about using different colors can bring an understanding that colors is more than just colors. It brings out not only emotions but gives it room to be felt, heard, and speak. This is why I love using colors in my art.


Shadow Dragon


Last month, I got inspire to make a black and white painting. It is called shadow dragon. I wanted to do shadows on the white painting but something came alive on the canvas so I decide to see what came out of it. It turn into a water dragon. The head on the right side with ears and the tail is at the left side. I use paper to give it a texture style. I seem to like to touch my art after it drys. I guess its the kid in me wanting a hand on approach to art. After I spend a week doing this one, I made two more.

Junk Art


I love to express myself with art. It calms me and gives me joy in creating something with paint and a brush. I let myself be as creative as possible and go beyond I’m willing to take it.

I would like to do some projects to create and show you how to use simply ways using stuff you have around the house. It can be fun, freeing and joy able for those who don’t know. Let me show you how to create art with stuff you have laying around the house. I use stuff from advertisement to mail envelopes. You really don’t need much stuff to begin exploring how to let go and just create. Form of expression comes in so many different ways. I love it when I can find a piece of paper and incorporate in my art.

It just a matter of letting go of the rules on how it suppose to be and letting your inner child to step up. The purpose is to get start in creating something without worrying about what it going to look like and enjoying the moment of creating something with yourself.

You can start with looking around the house and getting stuff like cereal boxes, use envelopes, pieces of paper, glue, acrylic paints, brushes, and items like cups, bottles or caps to use as circles. Today is my birthday and I want to do something different to share with others who want to be creative but don’t know where to start. Like this canvas I just paper, plastic card, paints, and can. I can show you to make this with just using cereal box, paper, bubble wrap, plastic card, and drip paint.

Its taking a few minutes of your time to try something so in two days I will post my junk art project 1. Come and join me for a little creating and exploring something different.

Challenging Myself

In September, I was doing some fall cleaning around the apartment and realize that I don’t have canvas or cardboard boxes to use in my art. I started to use paper folders and manilla envelopes but only had a few and got bored. I look at my art journal that I started a while ago. (Sorry for the crappy pics, it my cell phone camera.)

(This is one of the paper folder art I did.)

I thought it would be more fun to do and I really enjoy myself along the way. I did a few pages and wrote some quotes that I like for inspiration. Anyway, the last day of September, I thought more about it and this would challenge me by doing art journals once day for a year. I got inspire by someone who does art everyday even if she don’t feel like it or not in the mood and someone who did a art journal pages for a year. I thought there a challenge I can see myself doing. I have to say that life always seem to get in your way when you have a dream and you feel like give up on it but this time, this time I going to do it.

The challenge is I have old notebooks that I can use to make the art journals. I would use four pages in which two will be glue together to make the pages thick and this will absorb the paint easily. Then two pages will be enough room to do a piece. I can do anything on them and if I want I can write a quote or whatever I am feeling at that moment. I will post them here so you can see my process and how much I have grown.

Here are the first ones I did before the challenge. Again, sorry for the crappy photos. The quotes read,

“You can do anything as long as you set your mind to it & Anything is possible.”

“Follow Your Passion! Self Expression! Express Yourself! & Look Within Yourself You Will Find It!”


(Goodbye with the old and Welcome the new.)

I’m really excite about this and can’t wait to get started. I’m going to post the 7 days once a week for your viewing pleasure and the following week another 7 days of the art journal entries. I’m getting ideas already on what I want to do. Wish me luck that I don’t stop and keep going on this challenge. I love a challenge that I enjoy doing and having fun along the way.

See ya next time.

Playing with colors

Materials I use:

card board, newspaper ads, punch hole, acrylic paints, and tacky glue.

I do love playing with colors. I like to see which ones pop and which ones compliment each other. This painting has a flow to it and again I added texture to it to give it a weird effect. I layer the ads paper first before adding in small rectangle shapes. Then I use a punch hole to make holes and use the dots as well to it. I also layer colors each time I glue paper to it before deciding when I wanted to stop. This one was all experimental project that I didn’t have an idea how I wanted it to look. I just wanted to use the material and see what I would come up with.  It is one my favorite.

new art journal book

(Back Cover)

I just grab the colors bright pink, dark purple and lite pink.

I use a sponge and toothbrush with water to give it a water effect.

At first, I got frustrate that I put too much water in the color but I was able to get around it and use it to my advantage.

I had to use a fan to dry it off since I can be impatience with the process or I can just mess it up.

If you look closer you can see the black and white notebook where the colors look lightly on.

(Front Cover)