Last Weekend …


Last weekend, I was able to do some painting and I was as carefree with this one. There was no direction as to what I was going to do with it but I was skeptical with how I was starting it out. With all the playing around with my art journal, I took what I have done before and turn into beautiful art work.

Looking through windows


Don’t you ever feel like you are looking through different windows?

What I mean is life gives you different options to pick from and you get a glance at them before choosing. I feel like this for the coming new year and I finding new things I would like to experience in my life. This is what this painting remind me of when I look at it different opportunities. I trying to do something with paint and water. I wanted to add more but I felt it didn’t fit but if I did it would take way from the beautiful colors.

Multicolor Universal

Materials I used:

Acrylic paint, tacky glue, manila envelope, shred paper, sponge, and bubble wrap.

I am sorry for the photo. My camera is old and acting up. It gets stuck when I open it to snap a picture. My poor old camera is ready to kick the bucket.  I took an old use manila envelope and cut it in half. I glue shred paper to the outside and just grab any colors and blend them in with a sponge. The colors I use was blue, pink, bright pink, purple, burgundy, red, electric blue, white, black, and violet.

Playing with colors

Materials I use:

card board, newspaper ads, punch hole, acrylic paints, and tacky glue.

I do love playing with colors. I like to see which ones pop and which ones compliment each other. This painting has a flow to it and again I added texture to it to give it a weird effect. I layer the ads paper first before adding in small rectangle shapes. Then I use a punch hole to make holes and use the dots as well to it. I also layer colors each time I glue paper to it before deciding when I wanted to stop. This one was all experimental project that I didn’t have an idea how I wanted it to look. I just wanted to use the material and see what I would come up with.  It is one my favorite.


You know that I like to use every day material that we have around the house.

Materials like card boards, magazines, ads, newspapers, posters, postcard ads, index cards, workbooks, envelopes, manila envelopes, cereal boxes, packaging papers, bubble wraps, notebooks, shred papers, business cards, form boards, books, tacky glues, acrylic paints, folders, credit cards, playing cards, items on a junk drawer, and etc.

I love playing with these material. At times, I like to do texture to my art. I like to be able to touch my art with the materials I use.  When I’m on a budget, I have other means to still express myself.  It can be a bit addictive. This was the theme for late August to September. I have more to show you in my next post.

Calm Blue

One of my favorite color is blue and the other day I went crazy with it. The reason I say this is because I use this color in three different paintings. I always felt that blue has a calming affect so I use it in this painting. I even wrote the word CALM to the painting. I guess it will help in those moment when I am anxious during the day. I took a dark blue with white and lighten it so it can look like a sky blue. The splash color is the true color. I didn’t use the original color as much in this painting as I would have. You can see what the canvas first color was before I painted over it.

Mix it up

I love using new materials in my art. This time I saw some old notebooks that were laying around. I thought about throw them out but decide to use the cover as a canvas. I rip them apart and processed to used the inside. It is so much easier to color in. Since I haven’t created for a while, I just took random colors. I use cardboard tube and bottle cap to make circles. I try to use a string to make a cool affect but end up making lines. Then I use my hands as a stamp and then I glue two letters into the painting. I love just going with it because it gets me in a creative mode. It helps me continue making more which I did. I’ll show you next time.


The month of June was all about yellow. I seen it every where from a can to buses to advertisement. I used this color a few times this month. I guess it might be that summer has began and it all sunshine and blue sky. I was playing around with a bottle cap to do this painting. At first, started to look like a sun then as I added more it turn into sunflower. I want to use more bottle caps in my art but still don’t have a solid picture to incorporate in yet. So enjoy the summer.