Last Weekend …


Last weekend, I was able to do some painting and I was as carefree with this one. There was no direction as to what I was going to do with it but I was skeptical with how I was starting it out. With all the playing around with my art journal, I took what I have done before and turn into beautiful art work.


Looking through windows


Don’t you ever feel like you are looking through different windows?

What I mean is life gives you different options to pick from and you get a glance at them before choosing. I feel like this for the coming new year and I finding new things I would like to experience in my life. This is what this painting remind me of when I look at it different opportunities. I trying to do something with paint and water. I wanted to add more but I felt it didn’t fit but if I did it would take way from the beautiful colors.

Calm Blue

One of my favorite color is blue and the other day I went crazy with it. The reason I say this is because I use this color in three different paintings. I always felt that blue has a calming affect so I use it in this painting. I even wrote the word CALM to the painting. I guess it will help in those moment when I am anxious during the day. I took a dark blue with white and lighten it so it can look like a sky blue. The splash color is the true color. I didn’t use the original color as much in this painting as I would have. You can see what the canvas first color was before I painted over it.