My favorite supply to work with is…

0909131239I probably have said this many times before but I can’t help to say it over and over again. My favorite supply to work with is paper. I enjoy acrylic paints and brushes as much as any artists but gluing paper into my art journal and canvas is one of the most favorite thing to do. Its simple to do and very therapeutic for me. The acrylic paints gets absorb from the paper faster. I call it preparing my page before adding colors and design.


I think it gives it a background affect to the art but it also gives it texture, well, to me it does. I can’t help to run my fingers across it on the canvas and move the page a bit to see how thick it feels on my art journal. My seven art journal was dedicated to gluing all sorts of paper. I used envelopes, manila envelopes, newsletters, newspapers, white pages, advertisements, letters, magazines, calendars and etc. I can go on and on with all the different papers I use. Its something I enjoy and can’t help to let others know about. This is why I love using papers as a layering affect.


Art Journal Book 4: Pages 29-35

I was thinking that for my next art journal book I would want to use either a novel, calendar book or album book. I have these around the house. I love to look around the apartment and see what can I use to make my art. It seem to me I can use things that I don’t want and alter it from what it originally looked like. The thought of using something new just doesn’t excite or inspire me as something old and unused. It really makes my creative juices flow with many ideas. I don’t mind damaging or beating up an old book than using something new and pretty. It just takes the pressure off if it doesn’t work out.







Book 4, Pages 22-28








This week I found out that yes I can draw I just get in the way. There are times I get so nervous to draw a face the doubt set in and my drawing comes out hideous in my eyes. I had to do a drawing for a project and I want to make it cartoonish so I looked around for some inspiration. The first drawing came out so-so after much frustration. I was amazed that the second one looked even better.  I did a double take when I looked at it again that I thought “I made this?” I can be really hard on myself when it comes to drawing faces and people. I feel like a kid learning to draw for the first time.  This has become a learning experience for me that now I approach it with openness and playfulness.

Enjoy your weekend!

Art Journal Pages…15-21








I have a dirty secret. It one that I’m not proud of. Since I started to do my new book with layering, I have been doing something more than before. I been picking up scraps of paper from the streets. Don’t judge me. It becoming an addict I’m having. I have found dry cleaning slips, parking tickets, bus pass, little notes, appointment card, free car wash card, playing cards, trading card game, and scratch tickets. Okay so it not a lot but it can be distracting. I was hoping to use it as my layering piece to my art journal but I’m finding it hard to glue it to the book. I was thinking to use it as part of the piece after I’m done painting like an accessory part. I’m still not sure yet how to use it. I been checking out others art journal and I want mine to look like that. It so frustrating. Oh well, I guess I continue exploring and practicing until it becomes natural.

My fourth Art Journal Book continue…


This is my fourth art journal book pages 8-14. It seem to me that I like circles and spirals in my art and I been doing it a lot lately. Now that I look over my art journals closely, I do lots and lots of circles and spirals. I wondering if it reminds me of bubbles which I love or it all coming to end and beginning of things in my life. Maybe its the continuing cycles that I go through but either way I enjoy making small, medium, and large sizes. I will continue making them in different styles and ways in my art.







Art journal Pages

Here is a peek into my four art journal book pages 1-7. Most of them I glued paper into it as background texture for the color. The others was just the notebook pages. The paper I used was calendar, manila envelope, scratch tickets, bubble wrap, newspaper articles, appointment cards, receipts, label, business card, envelope pieces, and memo. I basically used what I’m going throw way into my art. It fun to glue paper and see how it going to turn out. I think it gives an edge to it.








My Princess


I made this yesterday on my art journal. I wanted to make a princess that has a crown of feathers and beads. She is so cute. She reminds me of a doll I used to own. I wanted her to have jewelry on and her eyes closed like she is thinking really hard. This art journal is my six one which I haven’t show you this one or fifth one. This journal has inspire my seven art journal because it going to be different. I’m preparing it now and I’m doing it before painting in it. I started on Friday and non-stop for three or four days straight. I slowed down a bit to see what other things I want to put into it before the full on journey of expressing myself. I give you a guess on what I’m doing to it: I’m adding textures and layers. I can’t wait in starting to use it. So much fun. Today I was inspire to write on here and post this beauty up because I’m so proud on how she turn out. I haven’t name her but I know she is a princess alright. This will be my commitment of posting more on my blog. See you soon, Love ya, Adal.

Art Journal Challenge Days 146-151

I’m sorry I haven’t been on. I have been creating in a different way and dabbing in my art just not everyday like I used to. I been trying to create a class in healing with art. I want to help others that feel they can’t paint that they really can. I felt that way before when I first started and spend a good amount of time thinking this way. I was thinking of doing it at my home and take them through a process of facing their fear of expressing oneself. It something I’m trying to put together and I’m wondering where do I start telling others about this amazing journey. What has been good so far is getting support from great people that encourage me to reach for that dream. I also know my family will support me 100% because that what we do for one another. Again I been away just a bit but I’m back to show you what wonderful work I been making and posting it up to encourage those to keep try to do what they love. Keep moving forward.







(These are my favorite pages of this book. On to the next book.)

Art Journal Challenge Days 140-145







I love this set because each page has two different colors. They compliment each other. I’m showing you the end of the book and there are few pages left. I have been playing with different ideas in making each pages. At that stage, I was adding another layer of paper to them which you can’t tell with these pictures. I wanted the paper to bleed through the color. Unfortunately, you really have to have the book with you and look closely to it in order to see it. All in all, I enjoy how I made each pages look different and how it didn’t look the same.